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62: Jeannie Elias interview (Super Mario Bros Super Show / Dennis the Menace)

February's Interview: Jeannie Elias

Join Tim (your host) as he interviews Jeannie Elias, the voice of Princess Toadstool from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and Margaret, Joey and Tommy on Dennis the Menace!  

Find Jeannie online at:

61: Hey Joe… a tribute to the late Joe Alaskey (Tiny Toon Adventures / Looney Tunes) (and an interview with Bob Bergen)

Join Tim, Gary and special guest Mike (from the GeekCast Radio Network) as they pay respects to Joe Alaskey (who recently passed away).  Joe was a guest on our show back in 2014 - so it's like losing a member of the family.  RIP Joe Alaskey.  

Also features an interview with Bob Bergen (Porky Pig) and voicemails from listeners (including voice-actor Greg Berg).

60: It’s a Me, Mario! (Super Mario Bros retro games and Super Show talk)

Join Tim and Gary as they discuss their favorite Super Mario Bros video games and also talk a little about the Super Mario Bros Super Show!  (and some other gaming and movie talk) 

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