Saturday Morning Rewind: RETRO & CARTOON PODCAST

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67: The Woo-cast (with Adam the Woo) (Walt Disney World / Disneyland / YouTube)

Join Tim and special guest Adam the Woo as they talk about their favorite cartoons, Disneyland / Walt Disney World and so much more!  

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Follow Adam on Twitter: @Adamthewoo

66: Cartoon Talk (interview with Shawn’s Custom Characters) (News about Nickelodeon’s Splat - Cartoons - comics and more!)

Join Tim and Gary as they discuss their favorite 1985 cartoons.  Interview Shawn's Custom Characters. Discuss the recent cartoon news and so much more!   

65: Samantha Newark interview (Jem the animated series)

April's Interview: Samantha Newark

Join Tim (your host) as he interviews Samantha Newark... the one and only JEM (and Jerrica of course)!

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