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191: The Sounds of Disneyland! (Be Kind Rewind with Tim Nydell)

January 20, 2021

Tim Nydell (of Saturday Morning Rewind) recently started another podcast called BE KIND, REWIND WITH TIM NYDELL.  It's very much like Saturday Morning Rewind, but instead of focusing on animation it focuses on retro tv shows, movies, and music from the 80's and 90's. 

This is an episode of Be Kind, Rewind that we think you all will like: THE SOUNDS OF DISNEYLAND!  
For a handful of years, Tim has been recording audio from Disneyland.  He intended to make it part of a Saturday Morning Rewind episode, but he thought it fit better with Be Kind, Rewind.  If you like it - part 2 of the "sounds of Disneyland" will be coming out soon, but only on Be Kind, Rewind.  So make sure to subscribe!  

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New episodes of Be Kind, Rewind w/ Tim Nydell hit every Wednesday!  Either catch it live on the Fenix Media Facebook page - or anywhere you find podcasts!  


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